Group Pricing

Liv Lax® is based on team spirit, working together, and having fun! Our goal is to make the members of every team, organization, or event feel united by our products. We design and create our Spirit Bracelets to have a unique meaning for every group. All of our bracelets can have up to four colors (including the clip) and can be designed around your team colors, company or organization logo, or your favorite colors. We also have two size options and our bracelets come with an adjustable clip for easy adjustment and wear. Additionally, we have discount codes for volume orders that can be added at checkout.


Our Team and Group Discounts:

5% Off — When your checkout is between $100.00 - $199.00: (10-19 bracelets) Use Coupon Code: TEAM5%

10% Off — When your checkout is $200.00 - $399.00:  (20-39 bracelets) Use Coupon Code: TEAM10%

15% Off — When your checkout is $400.00 - $999.00:  (40-99 bracelets) Use Coupon Code: TEAM15%

20% Off — When your checkout is $1000.00 - $2000.00:  (100-200 bracelets) Use Coupon Code: TEAM20%

  • Can be applied at checkout, if the specific discount balance requirements are met (e.g., order over $100.00).
  • All products are included in these discounts.
  • Based on your shopping cart total before the cost of shipping.
  • Discounts cannot be combined.


If you don't see your team or group colors represented please contact us. We will work with you to customize a bracelet or keychain for your team and make it available as an individual or group purchase. Thank you for your interest in Liv Lax®!